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Roofing Designs and a Brief History

By: Vista Roofing

Nowadays, not a few crowds are looking for more customized homes to settle in. One of the things that can really make your house stand out among the others is the roof.

With a professional roofing company like Vista Roofing you can confidently choose a variety of designs and materials for your beloved house. Although the roofing business has been around for as long as there was human civilization, starting the clay roofs in ancient China to the subsequent conglomerate civilizations, it’s not until modern times that we’ve had some real roofing innovations.


Let’s first talk about materials.


Although the most ancient, it is still widely used even today, ever since the Spanish missionaries brought clay roofing tiles to California first in the 1700s. Since then, clay roofing has been spread all across North America. Today, the clay material has been improved and stabilized by modern knowledge and technology.

Once, thatched roofs were in fashion, then wooden shingles, in the first millennium. But because both materials are obvious fire hazards, in the twelfth century, as material technology advanced, laws prevented the use of these materials. It didn’t take long after that for sturdy clay tiles to appear in mass production, with concrete tiles to follow.


As the name suggests, one of the modern roofing options is a roof covered in plantation, soil, and solid wood. The multiple layers prevent precipitation from penetrating into your home, and layers of water dispensing system prevents it becoming a fire hazard while keeping your greens alive. Moreover, the natural insulation of soil, wood, and grass or other plants is excellent when installed correctly.

Though most popular in Scandinavian countries, sod roofing may be dated back to the sod houses built by indigenous peoples of Canada in early 1900s. It might just be the perfect way to live a modern sustainable lifestyle, stand out among your neighbours, and connect to an ancient way of being.

Roofing Designs and a Brief History-metal


Though it may not sound like an appealing option, modern metal roofing can be made to look like any material you desire. Plus, the outstanding ability of metal to retain heat makes fantastic insulation. Of course, it’s fire retardant, and lightweight, environment-friendly, and easy to upkeep.

Roofing Designs and a Brief Hostory-complex

Composition Shingles

Widely varied in their constituents, composite shingles are the most common and affordable material very often used. For the best choice for your home, reach out to Vista Roofing for the consultation of an expert to discuss your specific needs for a perfect roof over your head.


Two of the most commonly found designs are Gambrel and Hipped. The Gambrel, aka Dutch roof, whose earliest build is said to be in the late 1600s in Harvard, and features a symmetrical design with each side containing two slopes, the lower steeper than the higher. Usually, it features a full cover on top without skylights or dormer windows protruding, although both could be installed if the house design allows.

Hipped roofs are the most common A-shaped roofs that can handle a lot of variations in terms of design. But keep in mind that depending on what you are altering, your fascia and soffit might need extra fortification to hold the weight of the roof properly.

No matter the material and design, Vista Roofing offers expert services including roof installation, repair, replacement, fascia and soffit installation, skylight installation, design consultation, and roof maintenance, across a wide range of geographical area. Reach out to Vista Roofing to take the next step in taking your home design to the next level.


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